LITUS Group Taking diversification to a whole new level. LITUS Group LITUS Maldives Simplifying your freight & logistics needs with a personnel approach. LITUS Maldives Hotline (960) 7979055 LITUS Automobiles Making rides memorable by putting you on the road of reliability. LITUS Automobiles Hotline (960) 7797442 LITUS Construction Building your visions and creating reality with a team as solid as concrete. LITUS Construction Hotline (960) 7978339 Favala Assisting clients to carve out a little piece of paradise with some of our top picks. Favala Hotline (960) 7831315 Zaha Residence & Hotels Blending relaxation & sophistication to create the ideal home. Zaha Residence & Hotels Hotline (960) 9559220 LITUS Online Virtualizing all your needs & choices LITUS Online Hotline (960) 9993247 LITUS Connect Guaranteeing widest choice and best offers, all under one roof. LITUS Connect Hotline (960) 9993247



Why Choose LITUS?

Because we focus on results. For us, it is all about what adds value for our customers. Our customers are the heart of our group. With no doubt, our products will be worth the money our customers spend. We aspire to make our clients completely satisfied with the products and services we offer.
During the short period of time, LITUS Group of Companies has accomplished being a respected groundbreaker in the community and industry. Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who year after year put their trust in us.

Our Team

The LITUS Team is the most valued asset of our company as they are behind all the success we have achieved so far in this continued journey. Our team can be best defined as inspired, honest, hardworking and proficient individuals whose team effort offers the very best services to our valued clients as we promised. Our members are fully equipped in terms of knowledge and experience to cater to the requirements of our clients. The true motivation behind our staff is the solid connection between our top management and the team. We work closely, share every concern so we can find solutions together and celebrate together. For us, our members are a part of us and we will continue to grow alongside our members.

Our Mission & Vision


To build a diversified conglomerate business, to achieve sustainable growth.


Secure a prominent presence in critical industries, for the greater good of all citizens.


Our leaders are committed to teach and mentor our members so that we as a family can implement our visions and values.

Our policy is to conduct our activities in relation to business/economic progress in an integrated

way minimizing carbon footprints and emphasizing social values in order to be more sustainable and to meet the expectations of our customers.

We try to maintain our uniqueness by providing easy and convenient services to our customers

We are a family of professionals dedicated to

fulfil our customers needs

We thrive to implement new products and

services to keep our customers fully satisfied.



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Ma. Elyzium, 2rd Floor Buruzu magu, Malé, Maldives


Ma. Elyzium, 2rd Floor Buruzu magu, Malé, Maldives


Ma. Elyzium, 3rd Floor Buruzu magu, Malé, Maldives


Ma. Elyzium, 3rd Floor Buruzu magu, Malé, Maldives


Ma. Elyzium, 3rd Floor Buruzu magu, Malé, Maldives


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LITUS Maldives was founded in the year 2012 with the ultimate goal to simplify the logistics services provided in the industry. LITUS Maldives was the ladder that aided the birth of other successful companies of LITUS Group. As of now, we got our customers covered when it comes to LINER & FEEDER SERVICES, AIR CARGO SERVICES, OOG & PROJECT CARGO, FREIGHT FORWARDING, BULK CARGO, CUSTOMS BROKERAGE & CLEARANCE, CONTAINER TRANSSHIPMENT, INTER-ATOLL TRANSPORTATIONS, RESORTS PROJECTS HANDLING, PERISHABLE CARGO HANDLING and warehousing.

Litus Automobiles came into existence on 2nd July 2014. We are a team of professionals dedicated to fulfill our customer needs in a way no other company has done in the past. From purchase of motorcycles to servicing and availability of spares, we provide the best services in this industry. We offer the most flexible installment plans in compliance with the islamic financing of “Ijarah Thumma Naglul Milkiyyah” and affordable cash prices by eliminating the hassle of complicated paperworks. We have just the brand of motorcycles our customers desire so let your concerns be ours and be a Litus Automobiles customer to enjoy the best motorcycle dealership service in Maldives.

Over the short period of time LITUS Construction was introduced, our team of well experts have successfully completed vast construction projects in the Maldives. It is our goal to modernize the construction industry by utilizing modern technologies and designs. All of our services are safe and we will continue to thrive in the industry along with our clients whose trust is behind our fast growing success.

Favala is here to deliver the completion your house desires. We have a whole range of interior and exterior paints from over a 1000 pre-selected colours of ‘Novacolor’. If you have an eye of art and creativity drop by our showroom to select paints from 100’s of our decorative paint line. We have our own in house painting team of experts.
Lets create happiness together.

Zaha Residence and Hotels is the most recent company that was added to our umbrella. This company is founded to provide our clients with the comfort of a home that is spacious and luxurious. We have a team well equipped and always ready to cater to our resident’s every need and we offer great listings. Zaha Residence and Hotels apartments will give you a sense of belonging like no other. Our long-term vision is to smash the real estate and guest house industry.

LITUS Online was created to cater to the fast-growing demand for online markets. With LITUS Online we have virtualized every product that is available to us. From Motorcycle, Paint, Mobile Phone and Apartments everything will be available at just your fingertip. To enhance the convenience for our beloved customers, we have created an online platform that is unbeatable. We are just a tap away!

LITUS Connect is here to provide you with the best there is. We have every electronic from mobile phones and accessories that your heart desires and it is all available at an affordable price. Your money will be well spent with us. Come explore the world of technology with our team of experts.

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